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Music Tuition

banjo, guitar, ukulele, double bass, bass guitar



07551 901555


I teach music in a different way to most tutors. Rather than a set syllabus and a stock of transcriptions I help craft your journey through the joy of learning music by constantly assessing where you are at, what you want to achieve and how to best help you progress. Every person has different skills and challenges, hopes and desires, levels of patience and confidence so a one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to snugly fit anyone.

The most common situation for a guitar is that their once hopeful owner has given up on learning and left it to gather dust. I believe a lot of this is down to a lack of understanding of what they wanted to achieve in the first place and a misguided approach to learning. For example, if your dream is to play a few pop songs to your close friends after a barbecue and a couple of drinks then grinding away at an Eb melodic minor scale is not going to be very inspiring. There are plenty of songs made of just two or three chords (sometimes even just one!) that are just fantastic and great fun can be had playing these. As you progress your desire to add extra stuff will be the inspiration to learn the more abstract things. Its all about staying inspired and confident, I spend time planning this for you so you will feel good about the progress you are making and will get some reward within the first few hours of playing.

In an ideal world I'd alway prefer to teach face to face but in reality this is not always possible. However there are lots of other ways that can work well too such as virtual online lessons via Skype/Zoom etc, custom made video lessons on Youtube or handwritten paper based lessons in the post. 

If you want to have some fun playing songs that you like, maybe with friends or just to yourself, I can show you how. I love introducing people to playing music and find it can really make a difference to peoples lives. Whatever you want from a 1 hour crash course to indefinite weekly lessons and anything in between is fine with me. Send me a message and I'll get back to you very soon. 

If you have learned to play an instrument but have no idea how the music is working and why notes and chords are used, I can show you why and how this all works. This side of music is not instrument specific so wether it be saxophone, drums, harp, bagpipes or any other instrument get in touch and I'll help you get much more enjoyment and reward from your music.

If you have more serious aspirations then I can guide you through learning the technical aspects of music and the technique of playing the instrument you have chosen to a high standard. I'll teach you these thing at a pace that suits you via the methods you find easiest to understand. Again this can be done at whatever level of detail you would like. Its an endless and wonderful subject to spend a lifetime studying.



Private lessons tailored to suit your needs

Home tuition available

Based in Nottingham

Skype/Facetime lessons available

Ukuleles available for students to hire

References available on request

Whatever kind of music you want to learn on any of the instruments mentioned please call or email me to discuss your needs on:
Phone: 07551 901555

From absolute beginner to advanced

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