Graeme Parry

Banjo, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar and Ukulele



I was born in Nottingham, UK in the late 70's and grew up listening to folk music, funk and grunge.

I am a musician with a wide range of musical experiences to draw from. As a young man, fresh from music college, I played in many bands around Nottingham and Derby making a good name for myself as a bass guitarist. After a few years I ventured off to Germany for a few years with a funk band and cut my teeth gigging and living music before coming back to the uk.

I currently play regularly with Pad the Hoof, The Midnight Specials, The Firecrackers and The Brickyard Rounders.

I teach music to individual students on a daily basis and have taught workshops at Sore Fingers October Weekend, Crossover Festival and FOAOTMAD Gainsborough festival.